​​​​* * WELDON RIDGE SWIM TEAM 2018 * *

2018 Scholarship Winners: ​​ Anna Xu and Mary An Nan​


  • Online registration will open April 14th. Go to www.tsaswimteam.com to register your swimmers. Just like last year, all registrations must be done online before the registration event at the clubhouse.
  • Registration at the clubhouse – Saturday, May 5, 10:00am-noon. Please bring separate checks for registration fees and volunteer deposit ($100). There will also be a representative from All-America Swim to fit your swimmer in our new swim suit. Please bring separate check for swim suit.


  • Each family MUST volunteer 4 times out of the 6 meet dates PLUS at the mock meet.
  • We will not accept registration unless you sign up to volunteer at www.tsaswimteam.com
  • Exceptions to the 4 plus mock meet rule apply for volunteer jobs that require additional training.  Please refer to "Stroke and Turn Judge Info" for more information.
  • Volunteer job descriptions are available at"Volunteer Positions".
  • If a family does not fulfill their volunteer requirement, the entire volunteer deposit will be forfeited.


  • ​​​New swim suit model/colors for the 2018 season – TYR Rise Haze (girls’ suit $24, boys’ jammers $19).  Suits will be available to try on for sizing.
  • Our swim wear provider: All American Swim, 1231 NW Maynard Rd, Cary, NC 27513, 919-439-8678, will be at the registration event on May 5, 2018. You can buy right away, or order there and then.
  • We prefer every swimmer to have the same suit to give a uniform look as a team.

​Questions? Send us an email at wrswimboard@googlegroups.com